Education & Research

LION, a teaching hospital

LION is a teaching hospital. We work with many partners to train health care workers for the nation. We have specialist training programmes for orthopaedic surgeons and neurosurgeons under the College of Surgeons for East, Central and Southern Africa (COSECSA) and Kamuzu University of Health Sciences (KUHeS), radiologists (KUHeS) and anaesthesiologists (CANECSA). If you visit us, you will also see many medical and nursing students in the different departments doing attachments as part of their training at our partner institutions. By training orthopaedic and trauma surgeons, neurosurgeons, anaesthesiologists, radiologists, specialised nurses and rehabilitation staff, LION is contributing to the improvement and growth of medical services in Lilongwe, Central Region and Malawi as a whole. As LION staffing saturates and services are scaled up in the future, LION will contribute substantially to the supply of specialist personnel also for the district hospitals and rural areas.

We have our own research department with highly dedicated personnel. Research is the cornerstone of quality improvement. Through research we can map what is leading to the injuries and the disease burden we treat, informing preventive measures. Continually monitoring our results ensures we are always focused on improving the outcomes for our patients.

The National Arthroplasty Registry of the Malawi Orthopaedic Association (NARMOA) is hosted at LION. NARMOA registers all joint replacement surgery performed in Malawi to keep track of results, inform best practice, and assure patients are receiving safe, good quality treatment. Read more here.  Our partner CBM is funding the construction of the new LION Training and Research centre. The building will have research offices, teaching, meeting, seminar and conference facilities, including catering, and will be available for hire for meetings and conferences once operational. The building is currently under construction and will be completed in 2024.

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