Privacy policy

Lion commitment to privacy

The appropriate collection, use and disclosure of patients’ personal health information is fundamental to our day-to-day operations and to patient care and safety.

Protecting the privacy and the confidentiality of patient information is important to all staff at LION. We strive to provide our patients with excellent medical care and services. Every member of LION must abide by our commitment to privacy in the handling of personal information. All staff and partners that can come into touch with private information must sign a confidentiality agreement with the hospital. Any private information you give to staff at LION will be kept strictly confidential. Strict measures are in place to protect the security of electronically stored patient records.

Though we will do our utmost to protect all communication channels, please be advised that we cannot guarantee the privacy of electronic services outside our control, such as the use of e-mail and social media. We ask you not to put any confidential information in public communications with LION. If you contact us by any such means we will assume you have approved that we can reply using the same channels. Though we will try to answer messages and e-mails in a timely manner, we cannot answer complex medical or personal questions. In such cases we will suggest you book an appointment with us.

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